Episcopal  Commission  on  the  Biblical  Apostolate 

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

Basic Bible Seminar

For the past 28 years, the Biblical Apostolate developed steadily in the spirit of Dei Verbum. The biblical-pastoral activities of the local Church were strengthened through the different biblical formation programs that have been developed in the different regional biblical centers. Several biblical - pastoral modules have been developed for the on-going formation of lay bible animators and facilitators that are distributed throughout the year.

The most popular biblical module is the "Basic Bible Seminar" - developed by John Paul I Biblical Centers. This booklet has been translated into Ilokano, Tagalog, Cebuano and into twenty languages in Asia, Oceana, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Many other modules have been developed either as an introduction or a follow-up of the Basic Bible Seminar (BBS). These modules vary according to the needs of the target groups. Some of the modules from the regional center are: Bible Orientation Seminar, Core Team Formation, Trainers Training Seminar, Biblical Institute , Bible Youth Camps, Basic Bible Seminar 2-3, Calapan Biblical Modules, Cebu Values & Leadership Seminars for Policemen with BBS, Bibliodrama Workshop and Retreats and many more.

The Catholic Media Network through the diocesan station and cable TV station opened Bible on the Air and similar biblical activities. All these attemps in growing in the Word function more efficiently when good coordination exists among the existing and functioning Episcopal Commission in the regional and/or diocesan levels. The Biblical Apostolate is always at the service of the local Church. It aims to make people more aware of the importance of building poeple who are centered on the Word of God and active in witnessing to the Word in the basic ecclesial communities.