Episcopal  Commission  on  the  Biblical  Apostolate 

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines





Theme: New Evangelization in the Philippine Context

Immaculate Conception College Seminary

Guiguinto, Bulacan

February 20-23, 1989



Recognizing once more the presence of the Holy Spirit during the Fourth National Bible Workshop for the Biblical Apostolate, we, the delegates experienced the outpouring of his grace, enabling us to see and feel his presence and leading us to that “joy which is full and complete” (John 15:11), while also making us consciously aware of the realities of the NEW EVANGELIZATION IN THE PHILIPPINE CONTEXT.


Following the celebration of National Marian Year and the National Eucharistic Year, the Bishops deemed it most fitting and expedient to dedicate 1989 to the Bible – the Word of God, to stress its centrality in the life of the faithful.


The proliferation of fundamentalist groups in the Philippines have led the bishops to recognize the need to recruit, form and train lay evangelizers who will confirm their brothers and sisters in the faith through the ministry of the Word of God.


Cognizant of the trends in the Philippine media and maximizing the Biblical Apostolate resources, the ECBA has launched a quarterly news-magazine, “SHARING GOD’S WORD,” a weekly Bible telecast, “FATHER PWEDE BA ‘YON – A CATHOLIC FORUM,” and a new daily biblical radio broadcast.


Inspired by the new developments on the Biblical Apostolate and as a result of the talks given by the speakers, the insights of the panelists and the deliberation of the workshops, we have come up with the following recommendations:

1. That bishops be invited to support appointed regional and diocesan directors in establishing structures of the Bible Apostolate in the most effective way.

2. That parochial, vicarial and diocesan Biblical core teams be formed and organized, and existing core teams be strengthened.

3. That emphasis be made on Biblical spirituality, stressing the base-level of the Church and society as our priority concern.

4. That training courses for the Biblical Apostolate leaders be offered in the different regional centers, and when possible, in the diocesan centers as well.

5. That a massive campaign on Biblical awareness be done during this National Bible Year, intensifying at the same time Bible-related activities.

6. That the ECBA tie up with the concerned Episcopal commissions and organizations, including the Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters in making liturgical services more participative and Biblical; in devising means to guide parents in giving their children an early acquaintance with Scriptures and making effective the diffusion of the Word of God.

7. That all the past recommendations that have not been implemented be attended to, particularly the following: 1st National Workshop, #12; 2nd National Workshop, #10; and 3rd National Workshop, II, #1. *

8. That in regions and dioceses where there are tribal Filipinos, the Bible Apostolate should develop a multi-cultural core team.

9. That the National Bible Year end in January 1990, to coincide with the closing of Annual Bible Week.

10. That the Bishops invite their priest and religious and if possible themselves to experience Bible seminars, such as BBS, Biblia-rasal, Joy of Discovery, etc.


We trust that the power of God’s eternal Word, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will accomplish all these desires through us and other men and women of goodwill who will serve Him in word and work (Romans 15:18).



For the National Workshop on the Biblical Apostolate:





Bishop of Malolos

Chairman, Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate






1st National Workshop #12

That the regional and diocesan centers subscribe to Word-Event published by the WCFBA as well as other Biblical magazines and periodicals.


2nd National Workshop #10

That ECBA as well as Regional and Diocesan centers undertake an outreach program on the Biblical Apostolate for the Filipinos abroad, in cooperation with the Episcopal Commission on Migration and Tourism.


3rd National Workshop, II, n.1

That the ECBA establish or strengthen links with renewal movements and that on the diocesan and parochial levels, Bible promoters work with renewal groups.