Episcopal  Commission  on  the  Biblical  Apostolate 

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines






Theme: Reflecting on the Gospel of Mark

Dominican House of Spirituality

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

February 23-27, 1987




“Going forward in the name of the Lord, our God” (Micah 4:5).


We who are workers in the vineyard of the Biblical Apostolate in the Philippines have been led by our Master to come together as a community in the 2nd National Workshop for the Biblical Apostolate on February 23-27, 1987.


After listening to reports, engaging in the Bible Institute on the Gospel according to Mark and planning tomorrow’s work, we recommend:

1. that ECBA forge and strengthen the ties among the regional centers and regional directors, who constitute the National Council of Biblical Apostolate in the Philippines;

2. that a Bible magazine be published quarterly by ECBA for a deeper formation of our Bible workers, and as a source for formation of activities of the different biblical centers in the country;

3. that a Eucharistic-Bible Festival be held in conjunction with the National Eucharistic Celebration in the Philippines, sometime in September 1987;

4. that the ECBA encourage the re-writing of the traditional novenas and para-liturgical devotions, so as to imbue them with a scriptural orientation, in coordination with the Episcopal Commission on Liturgy;

5. that the “CATHOLIC BIBLICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES” for the Bible professors be established with the help of ECBA;

6. that a Bible Fellowship Breakfast be held to stimulate cooperation for our “A Bible for Every Family” (BEF) project;

7. that a request be made to CBCP to issue an official circular letter on the celebration of the Bible Week and the special collection;

8. that the next National Workshop for the Biblical Apostolate be held on the 3rd week of February 1988;

9. that a National Bible Congress for the youth be undertaken in coordination with the Episcopal Commission on Youth;

10. that ECBA, as well as regional and diocesan centers, undertake an outreach program on biblical apostolate for Filipinos abroad, in coordination with the Episcopal Commission on Migration and Tourism.


We now wish to share these recommendations with all who accept and live the good news that the Word of God is “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12). We do so as a community, seeking “not to be served” (Mark 10:45).



For the national workshop on the Biblical Apostolate:




Bishop of Malolos

Chairman, Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate