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FINAL STATEMENT 21st Regional Summer Biblical Institute


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Final Statement

                We, the 250 participants of the 21st Regional Summer Bible Institute, reflecting on Verbum Domini in Mindanao with Apostle Paul”, have listened intently and reflected on the pastoral implications of the document, commit ourselves to the following :

1. To promote Verbum Domini by conducting formations of facilitators and workshops for sub-regional, arch/diocesan as well as the parish levels (formulating module design by PVI BCM to serve as BBs 4).

2.  To coordinate and/or collaborate with all Apostolate ministries (e.g. Commissions on Catechetics and Catholic Education, Liturgy, Family and Life, Social Action, Youth, B.E.C. and other recognized groups and mandated organizations) by providing formations using the BBS 4 module.

3.  To intensify our promotion of the MTBO Bible project (e.g. Sunday Mass second collection for one (1) year, or looking for partners/benefactors or any other means of generating funds.)

4.  To strengthen our Sub-Regions and Arch/Diocesan Centers by sharing resources in the Bible Apostolate through the Paul VI Biblical Center for Mindanao. And to have a Sub-Regional Director and Lay Coordinator with regular periodic meetings as agreed upon within the Sub-region. In like manner, we ask for a Bishop In-Charge for the Biblical Apostolate for Mindanao.

5.  To review and streamline the organizational structure of our Arch/Diocesan Centers to make them more functional, effective and responsive to the directions set by “Verbum Domini.” (Refer to number 4 for the answer.)

With whole-hearted support of our Bishops and under the inspired leadership of the ECBA and the diligence and industry of Paul VI Biblical Center for Mindanao animators, we hope to realize these commitments within two (2) years.