Episcopal Commission on the  Biblical Apostolate 

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

Turn-Over Ceremonies

Fr. Elmo's Speech during the Turn-Over Ceremonies

Maayong aga sa inyo Tanan.

The pattern of changing guards in organizations is constant, but may differ in times and  meanings. This is so because we see people going and coming and whichever it is, they bear imprints that keep the organizations going.  To what direction and extent, we always wish for the best.

Today, we see another event of a turning over and an acceptance. This is not just seeing one go and welcoming another in.  This is about gratitude for gift of persons and their legacies.

For our part in the Visayas, may I extend our bouquet of appreciation and deepest thanks to Bishop Ambo David, who has served as Chair of the ECBA for the last 6 years.

We remember Bishop Ambo  for his passion in spreading the Word of God, always emphasizing a personal relationship with God through the reading of the Scriptures.

Like the Lord, he has a listening heart, always open to hear suggestions and the sentiments of others. He is always there during meetings and supports the programs of the Biblical Apostolate, works hands-on with the commission, very approachable as a partner, recognizing the best practices of every region and a friend.

We would always remember and appreciate when he visited us in Iloilo during our regional meeting, showing his concern and support.

This is the time when Bishop David should be moving on to further horizons and become greater gifts for others, never ending his passion for the Biblical Apostolate.

This is also a meaningful time to welcome Bishop Sofronio Bancud, a gift we so appreciate, because we believe he can keep the torch of Biblical Apostolate burning brightly in these times of fear and confusions, uncertainties and helplessness.

An institution or organization is built through the years in a series of coming and leaving. One coming ahead of another sets the foundation on top of the previous one; so must the one coming in building on the foundation of the one leaving.  This event is God’s way of showing he trust us all and he wants the job done and continued.  We trust this is how it will be with ECBA.  Always in good hands and always moving up.  Thank you, Bishop Ambo . Thanks for the many acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, we treasure them, the giving of oneself is always the best gift.  Thank you for joining us, Bishop Bancud.