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Bishop Emeritus Alberto Ablondi

Posted on August 21, 2010 at 2:13 AM

Bishop Emeritus Alberto Ablondi, Livorno , Italy

(18 December, 1924 – 21 August, 2010)




We thank God for the precious gift of Bishop Alberto Ablondi, Third CBFPresident (1984-1996)


A typical expression of Bishop Alberto Ablondi was “co-workers of the Incarnation of theWord”. He used it often and that highlighted his spirituality which kindledgenerous and exemplary commitment of his that the Word of God would reacheveryone, so that everyone might share in the Mystery of the Incarnation. Hiscommitment was of three dimensions and it was always strong like the source ofthe Gospel. The first dimension was his love for “the Bible among pastors,”that is, among the clergy of his Diocese of Livorno and of Italy , alsoamong his fellow bishops, not so much as an exegete, but rather demonstratingthe power of the Word of God through the new evangelization. The seconddimension was for “the Bible among the people” according to the instruction of DeiVerbum: “It is necessary that the faithful have broad access to SacredScripture” (DV 22). The third and perhaps the greatest contribution of BishopAblondi was his setting forth “the Word of God among Christians” as the basicand momentous point of departure for the ecumenical walk among dividedChristians. In a broad sense he built a bridge for dialogue with our Jewishfriends and further with the great religions.


We, as co-servants of the Word, are very grateful for Bishop Ablondi’s tremendous contributions as the Third CBF President, having inspired and guided theFederation for 12 years (1984-1996). His farewell address made in 1996 broughtback many beautiful memories: “I havecalled to mind only a few instances of my personal experience in theFederation. Though, I must say that these last twelve years have been a giftfrom God for me: because of the many friends I met, because of so manyexperiences I lived, because of so many acquaintances who enriched me. However,for me as a Christian, as a priest, and as a bishop, the life of the Federationin particular has been an uplifting motive of growth of love for the Word, agrowth of the Word itself, and a growth of love through the Word.”


During theCBF V Plenary Assembly held in Hong Kong in1996, Bishop Ablondi particularly highlighted the importance of our obedienceto the Spirit and the need for prayer as a component of the life of ourFederation. We need the Spirit’s help, so that when we face the Word he mightteach us “all the truth,” carrying us with an open mind towards mystery. On theother hand, the Spirit makes us understand as well as assume the Word of Godinto our own words. We, then, become a nearly sacramental expression becausethe Spirit turns us into the “Word of God”.


Bishop Ablondi’s smiles, love, spirit and friendship will always remain in our hearts.Praise God for this great pastor of the Word and may his soul rest in peace andlegacy live in all of us. (Cecilia Chui, HK)



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