Episcopal Commission on the Biblical Apostolate

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

National Bible Week/Sunday 2011 (January 24-30, 2011)

National Bible Week/Sunday

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Partners and Friends in the Biblical-Pastoral Ministry,

National Bible Week 2011 can be celebrated either this week January 17 - 23 or on January 24 - 30. Thus, National Bible Sunday can be on January 23 or January 30. The theme May They Be One highlights our sub-theme, “Becoming One Nation in the Stewardship of Creation” (Ps 8:3-6 GNT)

We would like to focus our activities on the “I Proclaim” event. This is the Continuous Reading of the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. Visit out website at www.ecba-cbcp.com and click the link NBW logo for the different options of doing the “i Proclaim”.

Kindly deepen the bible week activities with biblical celebrations and bible rallies that respond to the social concerns of ecological care, family and life values and youth formation (CBCP Youth Year). Continue to promote common activities of Bible Enthronement in Families, BECs, Schools, Churches, Institutes, Convents, Houses of Formation, Public Places etc.; Gospel Sharing in homes, campuses and public places; Family Bible Encounter(quiz); Extemporaneous speech (proclamation) of the Word of God on Creation Texts; Biblialympics (walk - run for the bible, palaro sa biblia) etc. Add a slant to stewardship (care, protection, awareness) of Creation to the common activities for the Bible Week. Maximize the Salitext, the radio, tv (cable) to promote active participation.

Let us celebrate meaningfully the National Bible Week/Sunday and enjoy communicating with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Mabuhay ang Salita ng Panginoon – ang VERBUM DOMINI.

In the Incarnate Word,

Fr. Oscar A. Alunday, SVD

Executive Secretary - ECBA



+Pablo Virgilio S. David

Nation-building is still a work in progress for us Filipinos.  We have yet to “eat more rice”, as our elders would often say to us metaphorically, before we can truly learn to rise above our insular and regionalistic tendencies and start imagining ourselves as a nation.  Our quest for integral development as a nation goes with the task of stewardship over the beautiful but delicate seven thousand one hundred islands which we inhabit, and which happen to be considered in the world to be among the richest in ecological biodiversity.

In the light of contemporary environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, our being relatively “underdeveloped” is turning out to be more of a blessing than a curse to our ecological future.  If we are to take an active part in the preservation of the planet earth and of the human race, we cannot afford to follow the same tragic path to industrialization and the common templates for “development” the so-called first world countries prescribe for the rest of the world, and which have caused profound and irreversible damages to our planet.  We cannot go on treating the earth as a mere source of resources to be exploited for our own myopic agenda for human development. 

The earth is our home; it is as much a home for us human beings as it is for myriads of other creatures whose chances of surviving depend largely on the important role we human beings must play as stewards of this home.  After all, we are not mere creatures among many other fellow creatures; we are creatures “in God’s image and likeness.”  As such, we are configured not merely to compete for survival, following the evolutionary law of random variation and natural selection or simply to lord it over all our other fellow creatures.  We have been configured instead to act as responsible and compassionate stewards of creation equipped with the intelligence and capacity to preserve the delicate balance in ecology, and mindful of the need to care for the weaker ones among our fellow creatures on earth.  Protect nature and nature will protect you, says a common slogan among environmental activists.

To our newly-elected national leaders comes a timely opportunity now to blaze a new trail, to take the “road less traveled” in the quest for national development.  For the road to perdition is wide; broad is the path of greed and self-centeredness, of profit and mindless exploitation.  The road to an integral ecological and human development is narrow but sure.  It will call for many sacrifices; it will demand of us a conscious choice to change our lifestyles, to live simpler lives, to be more aware of our duty to preserve our country’s resources for the next generations and to set aright the many acts of injustice that have been earlier committed against the environment, notably in the industries of mining, logging, chemical-dependent agriculture, waste management, and the management of air, water, and land resources.

Leadership by example is the battle cry of the new government; it should be the battle cry of the Church leaders as well.  There are greater hopes about this becoming a reality if only the leaders could allow the Word of God to be their guide and light in the common aspirations for national renewal and stewardship of creation.  If only in Christ Jesus—our leader par excellence, who came “to serve, not to be served, and to give his life as a ransom for the many”—we can ground our quest for unity as a nation, we shall surely see a better and brighter future ahead of us in the rest of the new millennium that we’ve just begun.

i-Proclaim 2

Circle at the Glorietta area. Whole day Ecumenical Bible Reading on January 24, 2011, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Readers include government officials, leader of different churches, youth, uniformed men andwomen and multi-sectoral representation.


You and your friends are cordially invited!


for details call:

Philippine Bible Society (PBS)


or visit www.bible.org.ph




Episcopal Commissionfor the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA)

Catholic Bishops'Conference of the Philippines(CBCP)

527-9386 / 527-4157

(0917) 621-6884

or visit www.ecba-cbcp.com




i-Proclaim! 2 Program (Initial)


Emcee: Ms. Ilsa Reyes/DZMM


7:30 am            Call to Worship                                                    

8:00 am            Opening Remarks & Prayer - Mr. James Tioco,* 

                         PBS Board of Trustees  

                         Exec. Dir. SOWERS, Intl.



The Proclamation Prayer


      Heavenly Father,

      Your Word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path.

      Pour Your blessing upon our Proclamation of Your Word

      That we may celebrate Your goodness, and fulfill Your will,

      To bring all people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ our  Saviour

      In Whose name we pray,   Amen



8: 05                 Bible Enthronement       Bp. Renato Mayugba, DD,

                                                                Auxiliary Bishop of Lingayen-Dagupan

                         Hymn:                            Thy Word                               

8:15                  NBW Background           Bp. Reuben Abante, Jr.

                                                               Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church

8:25                  Introduction of Readers 

                        Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and City officials                          


9:00                 Introduction of Readers 

                        Bo Sanchez & Kerygma                                                                                                            


 10:00               Introduction of Readers                                                                      

                                  Bishops / PBS BOT


 11:00                Introduction of Readers                                  



 12:00                Introduction of Readers                                                          

                                   ECBA, ECY


1:00                  Introduction of Readers                                                                      

                                  Dioceses of Antipolo & Guiguinto


2:00                  Introduction of Readers                                                          

                                  Evangelical Churches c/o Bp RA                      


3:00                  Introduction of Readers                                                          

                                  CCT / Diliman Christian Church


4:00                  Introduction of Readers                                                          

                                  JHG / KBCF


5:00                  Introduction of Readers                                                          

                                  CFC / DBD-KKK


6:00                  Introduction of Readers                                              



6:30                  Festival of Praise                                 Guest Bands/Performers

7:45                  Closing Remarks &

                        Acknowledgements                             Mrs. Nora G. Lucero, PBS GenSec

8:00                  Benediction                                        Bp. Ellie Mercado, -- for confirmation PBS BOT, Zion Christian Church         


i-Proclaim! Read the Whole Bible in 15 Minutes

Three hundred seventy-five people (375) can read these scripture references aloud in 15 minutes. Each person can read one of the references in fifteen minutes while reading approximately 2,205 words at 147 words a minute. The final readings in both the Old and New Testaments are shorter than the others.  Print off the scripture assignment / division sheets and copy then pass them out to each of the readers who will then select a reading.

Suggestions for use:
  • Use the same translation – from the Magandang Balita Biblia collection for all readers. (This is not absolutely necessary, but it will give consistency and fluidity to the reading)
  • If your assembly is large enough, divide it up into small groups and let one person read to the others in the group. You can even pass the single reading around so that everyone gets an opportunity to read.
  • If your Church or group is too small to do the entire Bible you can choose to read only the New Testament with 86 readers.
  • If you want to read the entire Bible but your group is too small, then read for 30 minutes and give two readings to each person. It takes 188 people to read the entire Bible in 30 minutes.

You can choose to read for an entire hour by giving four readings to a person. It takes 94 people to read the entire Bible in one hour.

Basic Outline


Before you plan, have your Prayer Coordinator schedule a meeting of all involved and earnestly pray for the Lord to guide in all the preparations. Seek His blessings on all who participate and on the entire Bible Reading Marathon.


Because God has esteemed His Word even above all His Name [Psalms 138:2]. To publicly honor the Lord and unite the community by openly proclaiming the only inspired Guide to prepare us to fulfill His Will. A Marathon is an act of worship. Holding a Bible Reading Marathon to precede the National Day of Prayer (May 7, 2010) has been very successful.

Or, as an alternative, you could hold a Marathon:

  • at the dedication of a new church building.
  • at a Christian school by students with parental and faculty support.
  • as a commitment to the Word of God by an organization and its supporters.
  • at a family reunion as a dedication of the family to God and His Word.
  • to celebrate the close of this year or the beginning of the nest one.
  • or simply as a way to lift up the Word of God in your community.


A specific date must be chosen well in advance. Keep in mind that the site location and the cooperation of community groups, officials, churches, and individuals will take several weeks to organize.


Choose a specific place. Select your site early, perhaps a year in advance. The i-Proclaim! Marathon is a public reading to call attention to the importance of reading through your Bible. Your site should be a public and visible location. A Bible Reading Marathon has been conducted on the steps of our nation's capitol in Washington DC every year since 1990. Marathons have been conducted on the steps of state capitols, county courthouses, school campuses, city parks, and churches.


Everyone! Any person can participate in the reading.  “So also will be the word that I speak---it will not fail to do what I plan for it; it will do everything I send it to do.”   [Isaiah 55:11-GNT].


A permit must be obtained. Keep in mind that the reading of the whole Bible will take 80 to 90 hours. In this day of fast service and instant gratification, instead of having a schedule of one person reading at a time and taking several days, we may be prone to have everyone read at the same time. We feel that this is a disservice to God. What a pity for God to only get 15 minutes of our time. Be sure to also allow time for set up, opening and closing ceremonies, dismantling, and clean up. First it will be necessary to detail all of the components that you choose to use, as this may affect the type of permit you will need. In applying for a permit, be sure to include every possibility, as it is often difficult to add anything to the permit request once it is secured. A Bible Reading Marathon cannot be prohibited as long as it meets the same criteria as other public functions. Try to stay within the basic guidelines given in this outline, as it will help you obtain your permit much more expediently. Once you get the permit, make copies and give them to the On-site Assistant Coordinator who will be in charge of the Marathon location.


In considering the logistics, here is a list that may help you prepare. The Marathon Coordinator should work with the On-site Assistant Coordinator to provide for these needs.

Items to consider:

  • PA System -- Your system should be one that has sufficient volume and quality if you are having your i-Proclaim! Bible Reading outside. The entire PA system, including the microphones, must be carefully tested and finely tuned ahead of time.
  • Lighting System -- Should be adequate for night reading. Having good lighting is also a safety measure. Include spare light bulbs.
  • Electrical Outlets -- Make sure there are enough outlets for speakers, lighting, etc. Also check that your location has ample wattage available to plug in all necessary equipment. Be sure all outlets are protected from the elements.
  • Platform or Stand for Readers -- Also provide an extra stool or platform for small readers, especially if you have children involved. A platform is a good place to display your banner and any other type of decorations you may want.
  • Podium -- If possible, set up two lecterns [one for the current reader; the other for the next reader] to avoid delays. Each lectern should have a good microphone attached to it.
  • Bible -- Have large or giant print Bibles available for easier reading, but encourage readers to bring their own personal Bibles. Some i-Proclaim! Marathons have had readers read their own Bibles in different languages, which can be an encouragement to illustrate that the Word of God is being proclaimed and is applicable and relevant in every language.
    If your Marathon is being conducted in a multinational area, you may wish to provide Bibles in various languages.
  • Banner or identifying sign -- A waterproof banner is best. You may choose your own wording: " i-Proclaim!: Celebrate the National Bible Week 2010" or "Read the Bible -- the Manual to Life" or "Read the Bible - It Is God's Transforming Word."
  • Seating -- You will want chairs for those who are participating and for groups waiting to read, as well as sufficient chairs for spectators.
  • Umbrellas, water jugs, cups, etc. -- Have these items all located in one spot, off to the side and out of the way. Oversize umbrellas are a great help in rainy conditions!
  • Large plastic bags -- Have several on hand that are large enough to cover sound equipment if it should rain. You will also need a few trash bags during and after the Marathon. We represent Christ and need to leave the reading area cleaner than when we began.
  • Small emergency kit -- Keep a first aid kit handy, just in case of minor accidents.
  • Camera, video, etc. -- You may need to obtain a special permit if you plan to use photographers or video cameras. Check out well in advance. We would greatly appreciate it if you would send us photos from your Marathon so that we can make them a part of the history of the National Bible Week Celebration.
  • Telephone -- It is wise to have a cellular phone available for security purposes as well as for Coordinators and media people.
  • Refreshments -- Providing refreshments for readers is a nice touch of hospitality. A caterer or restaurant might be willing to contribute this free of charge.

Be sure to publicly acknowledge those businesses and/or organizations who help supply equipment, refreshments, and other items for the i-Proclaim! Marathon.